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1.8.1 - 4/22/24

  • Bug fix for audio interfaces crackling and popping with more than 2 channels.
  • Improved performance for streaming and recording at the same time.
  • New audio menu to select number of channels and sample rate audio menu

1.8.0 - 4/17/24

  • Now you can double-click to magnify your screen shares, images, and cameras, bringing every detail into focus!
  • We've ditched the pesky first-time permissions. Jump straight into the action.
  • Resizing and scaling are easier than ever. Your cursor now has a larger area to resize around the edges.
  • Outlines now look smoother on non-retina screens.
  • Added open-source acknowledgements in the Help section.

1.7.2 - 4/11/24

  • Crash fix for Captions

1.7.1 - 4/9/24

  • New Filters: Snow, Water, Fire, Sea, Storm, Glitch
  • New global setting for Screen Share FPS, allowing for further performance optimizations fps global setting for screen shares
  • Updated resizing capabilities for Screen Share, Camera and Images. You can now unlock the aspect ratio and resize in all directions. Directional inconsistencies in resizing have also been resolved. sizing inspector updates
  • Added ability to stop streaming/recording from menubar view
  • Bugfix: Streaming no longer starts regardless of connection status

1.7.0 - 4/3/24

Closed Captions (beta)

  • Use the power of machine learning on device to convert audio into text in near real-time, seamlessly integrating captions into your camera feed. Enjoy the same level of customization as the Text object, allowing you to fine-tune the appearance to your liking.

Other new features

  • New Transitions: Book Flip, Burn, Butterfly wave, Dreamy, Film Burn, Glitch Displace, Heart, Over Exposure, Roll

  • New Languages Supported: Korean, Spanish

  • Updated all other languages/translations to have 100% coverage
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Updated background removal to remove outer edges more precisely
  • Added new option for vertical text alignment, giving you greater control over the positioning and layout of your text elements.

  • Optimized inspector view loading

Bug fixes
  • Copy/duplicating elements with filters fixed
  • Restoring scene order now preserved correctly without saving to a file

  • Resolve issue with app being resized incorrectly
  • Resolve issue with recording bookmark directory not being recalled correctly

  • Other reported crash fixes

1.6.1 - 3/1/24

  • Pro Feature: Customize video resolutions for precise control of video sizes in video settings.

  • New inspector options: Adjust sizes while keeping aspect ratio intact for Camera, Image and Screen Shares.


All new scene transitions

  • 20 different scene transitions with timing customization options
  • Bar Swipe, Bounce, Copy Machine, Cube, Directional, Doorway, Fade, Flash, Glitch Memories, Grid Flip, Mod, Morph, Mosaic, Pixelize, Simple Zoom, Squeeze, StereoViewer, Swap, Swipe, Swirl, TVStatic

All new camera effects

  • 14 camera filters with dynamic properties
  • Bloom, Box Blur, Comic, CRT, Edge, Monochrome, Pixellate, Pointilize, Posterize, Sepia, Thermal, Tile, Toon, Trixel

  • Stack and reorder effects to create interesting views

New languages supported

  • Russian
  • Chinese
  • Italian
  • Hindi
  • German
  • French
  • Japanese


  • Added new fill or stroke options for shapes
  • Recording prompts for directory if none is selected
  • Streaming prompts for microphone if no audio is selected
  • New overlay for the editor being disabled
  • Memory leak when opening and closing multi view
  • Fixed an issue where the stream connection would not reconnect without restarting


Enhanced Broadcasting and Streaming Capabilities

  • RTMP Streaming for platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, Instagram, Restream, and more.

performance bar with monitoring preview

Introducing the Performance Bar

  • Stay informed and in control with real-time metrics on FPS, CPU, memory usage, and a timer for your streaming and recording sessions.

Other New Toolbar Controls

  • Hide the video preview editor to increase performance while still streaming, recording or broadcasting.

  • Select the microphone to be used by recording or streaming.
  • Menubar preview displays when recording and broadcasting.
Menu bar view update preview

Added text input fields to sliders for opacity and scale to set with higher accuracy.

text input fields preview

Crash Fixes:

  • Camera Background removal issues causing with blurring backgrounds or stroke effects.

  • Addressed audio crashes, especially when using external interfaces.
  • Improved app responsiveness when coming back from idle.

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved an issue with the FPS counter causing CPU spikes.
  • Ensured the cursor display restores perfectly when hidden in screen share elements.

  • Stream not restarting properly with Play/Stop button.


Introducing Scenes Multiview (Pro):

  • Elevate your production with a bird’s-eye view of up to 12 scenes.
  • Instantly switch with a click, all from a dedicated window that puts you in the director’s chair.

multiview scene display

New Background Green Screen Silhouette:

  • Add a splash of color with inner and outer stroke options, bringing a cinematic depth to your visuals.

  • Outline your subject in style with solid outer stroke options, giving a crisp edge to your silhouette.


New Pro Feature: Recording (beta)

  • Record audio and video in multiple formats

    camera graph record settings
  • New video settings toggle for displaying FPS

    camera graph fps display settings

Performance updates:

  • Optimized and enhanced browser rendering for smoother overlays
  • Screen share window frame now resizes with window size changes on your desktop for a more responsive experience

  • Improved frame rate accuracy in recordings for clearer videos
  • Editor UI improvements for resolution changes for a smoother editing experience

  • Fixed sidebar animation hitch for smoother navigation
  • Fixed issue causing app to open slower than normal
  • Improved performance for Camera background removal for a more seamless camera experience

  • New FPS slider for camera background - best used in low-motion settings

    camera graph background frame settings


  • Bugfix: Dock icon not appearing. Should now default to true. For users that have already updated to 1.2.0, click the menubar icon and select “Dock Icon”.


  • Renderer rewritten to be Metal/GPU first
  • Many crash fixes and performance improvements
  • Run 4k streaming with ease when using menubar only
  • New inspector icons
  • Updated resizing, cropping, rotate and scale functions
  • Shortcuts moved to settings
  • Updated Menubar design
  • Menubar preview now runs at 24 FPS


  • New feature: Toggle dock icon to run as menu bar app
  • New feature: Color + Light settings for cameras
  • Gradient inspector halved in size
  • Performance updates
  • Exit crop via right click


  • New feature: Sonoma camera reactions in the camera inspector
  • Update images to show filename and improve drag and drop experience
  • Bugfix: Screen sharing matches FPS selector, previously capped at 60


  • Right click elements in editor to duplicate, delete, crop, expand to fill or snap to positions. More to come.

  • Bugfix: Closing main window causes renderer to stop drawing.
  • Bugfix: Scene not saving on quit after editing in new window.
  • Bugfix: Duplicate element adds to top of stack.


  • New Pro feature: Edit inactive scenes in separate windows. Right click > edit in new window.

  • New icons: Mirror camera and snap to center changed to be more reflective of actions.

  • Selection outlines updated to be retina compatible and look sharper.
  • Quit and restart app on install restarts on its own now in Ventura.
  • Delete shortcut changed to cmd+delete from cmd+shift+delete.
  • Rotation angle UI decreased in size.
  • All buttons help text updated/added.
  • All layers now centered on add.
  • Fix for screen share loading improperly.
  • Undo stack no longer applies when adding new elements.
  • Display text changed to “Display Layer” for all elements
  • Changed default shape to be square and black.
  • On image drop, image resized to be slightly under the resolution for resize handles.

  • Help menu button links to website for documentation
  • New modifiable text shape. Previously you could not adjust the size of the text rectangle.

  • Reverse stack of how items are layered
  • Remove Background as an element, use Shapes or other to replace.